Take a Deep Breath and Let It All Go
Inhale, Exhale, to Release the Soul

back at it

new cuddddeer!!! on that vamp tip, but diggggin it fasho



Download: Coolroy - “We All Try” Freestyle

….if yall don’t mind vibin’…..


iSo! - Supanova

updated with download link! http://www.mediafire.com/?3z4xq8qb5b26339


ling, you uploaded ‘my sanctuary’

i’m so happy T^T

DEEN. homie, I love you to death. through thick and thin, you’ve always supported us in full, and that means SOO much to us. You’re part of the fuel that keeps mikey and I ignited until we exhaust. LC fambam forrealzzz!!!! official bamboo crew bro <3

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black widow &lt;3

black widow <3

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a track dedicated to hip hop, my sanctuary. Please leave behind some feedback!!! Without likes/dislikes/comments, it’s really hard to figure if I’m headed in the right direction. Thanks! (:

a song dedicated to my dreams, please leave some feedback! <3 it is muuuch appreciated. LC2INFINITY

dope piece of artwork!

dope piece of artwork!

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I really want to experience skydiving. Perhaps just to feel that exhilarating rush of adrenaline course through my veins. Or maybe to feel for once that I was actually flying. Even if in the end, it’s just falling… down down and down.

hoodie doin it biiig, diggin the split-screen perspective. dope mv :D

Havnt peeped this song in a goood while, but it still resonates all the same.

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